The White Paper described what are the revenue sources for the UTEMIS Limited Liability Company. The ICO we have designed is a one-time thing.

As soon as we have reached the soft cap we will start a countdown for launching the UTEMIS Platform. And with that, organic growth will start, and the path to reaching breakeven will begin. The amount of the ICO has been calculated to give us enough oxygen to reach breakeven, and after that it’s just plain old growth.

UTEMIS is a very scalable business model, the only linear cost line is the salespeople, that flattens out in a longer time or after we have reached over 50% in bandwagon effect for a particular country.

We view the UTEMIS Token as the second-best way of participating in the UTEMIS Project. Being the first becoming a UTEMIS customer. We have all sort of traits designed for our customers and for acquiring new customers, but that may be is for another entry.

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