Short answer: because UTEMIS creates a reputational Blockchain.

We often think about blockchains as the method for storing economic transactions from either Tokens or Assets. But the Blockchain is just a multi ledger technology. A system that records the same economic transaction in multiple computers.

Nobody said that these transactions had to be economic transactions.

UTEMIS uses two blockchains. One for the UTEMIS Token, and another for the UTEMIS Reputational System.

The UTEMIS Reputational System is a Blockchain that stores the opinions of the buyer and the seller for each economic transaction. It is structured in a way that makes it easy to see per month and per year the number of evaluations of a particular business, and they are categorized. From serious faults that should make the buyer beware, to minor faults that are normal and part of ‘business as usual’.

The UTEMIS Reputational System is based on the Blockchain and is accessible for all UTEMIS customers. Businesses that take pride in their work will want to be in the UTEMIS Reputational System, and those that don’t, well, there must be a reason why they don’t want to be public…

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