Short answer: because UTEMIS creates a single economic space.

Think about e-commerce giants in the U.S., or China or Japan. When they started and had to get customers, there were challenges that they never had to face. For instance, in the entire U.S. there is the same currency, the dollar, and the same economic policy, and the same inflation, etc. the same happens in China and the same happens in Japan.

But note that in Latin America, all these giants are actually seriously struggling to make their business successful. Some have given up; some others have been actually lagging there for decades.

The utility of the UTEMIS Token is new and, to our knowledge, is really new to the world. Its main utility is not what it does, but what it enables. It enables the creation of a single Latin American market. Regardless of what the inflation, economic policy, etc. is in any given Latin American country, in the UTEMIS platform, with the UTEMIS Token, the economics are the same for everyone.

Recently, Vitalik Buterin, mentioned on Twitter that Cryptocurrencies should aim to do something meaningful for society. The UTEMIS Token, for the first time ever, gives millions of people in Latin America an opportunity to trade like if they all are in a level playing field economy. They never had something like that before.

It’s a new utility for a new world.

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