We are people from the business world. We understand business models and how they work. We are committed to make the UTEMIS Business Model work after the ICO and to deliver on the expectations set by our ICO Participants.

When we designed UTEMIS we didn’t find a fancy idea and use it as an excuse to conduct an ICO, and then if it doesn’t work say “too bad”. We also don’t want to conduct an ICO and then have Participants waiting for months for something to happen.

The fundamentals of the UTEMIS Business Model, company exhaustivity, a single trading zone, the Token of fairness and justice, etc. are all designed and developed to work for Latin America. Asia, the middle east or Eastern Europe are different customers, with different problems and different priorities, we don’t want to solve e-commerce for the world, we want to help people in Latin America thrive, and we have created a Business Model just for them.

As a side note, we’ll say that not even the big e-commerce giants, with all the resources that they have and the influence that they have are global. In fact, they are adapting more and more locally to each economic space. Amazon works differently in Europe than in the US and it has serious challenges in Japan and China, for example.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution for global trade. But we believe that we can created a really well adapted business model for Latin America. Something that really works.

UTEMIS’s pre-ICO will be between January 8, 2018 until March 8, 2018, more detailed information on this project can be found at UTEMIS- UTS, along with access to their introductory video, and Whitepaper.

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