Because UTEMIS is like insurance without having to pay for the insurance

In companies, like in life, sometimes, forgive me for the expression, but ‘shit happens’. In Latin America when a business has a problem and the decision implies affecting other businesses’ this is today a low risk decision. For instance, if a company today decides — for a legitimate reason — to stop paying a supplier that has been working with them for years, nothing happens.

Depending on the country this happens often in Latin America and we are talking about customers that know each other.

But with UTEMIS, if a company does that, it is no longer a low risk decision. That will go straight to the company’s reputation, and it will show, and it will affect future business transactions. That’s the power of the reputational blockchain.

Using UTEMIS is for companies a way of having insurance without having to pay for the insurance. It keeps them protected from their current customers and from their current business. Of course it also protects them in case a new customer does not meet the agreement, but overall, by transforming a one time decision into a decision that will affect future business transactions, UTEMIS is actually lowering businesses systemic risk.

UTEMIS’s pre-ICO will be between January 8, 2018 until March 8, 2018, more detailed information on this project can be found at UTEMIS- UTS, along with access to their introductory video, and Whitepaper.

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