Short answer: the biggest challenge is acquiring customers, and the main cost is the Customer Acquisition Cost

Let’s face it, 75 ETH is a lot of money. Why do we need that much?

We would love to tell you that we are building a super sophisticated technology that requires years of R&D and that is super complex and super awesome.

But no. The UTEMIS platform is a known problem. It does have uncertainty, but it is very manageable.

We would love to tell you that the UTEMIS organization is very complex and costly.

But again, no. The UTEMIS Organizational Design is again a well-known problem in Business Schools and we know well how to deal with it.

Unfortunately, there is a not so sexy reason for raising 75k ETH in an ICO. We plan to hire the best (read: very expensive) salesforce.

People often forget that the e-commerce giants that we all know and admire today were also really expensive to make. These were not affordable for the majority of people. The two largest e-commerce giants needed billions of dollars before they were profitable. Somehow people always forget that part of the story.

People also forget that these billions of dollars went all to the same place. Salespeople. They hired the best salespeople they could find, and they hired thousands of them. We plan to do the same. We plan to hire over 1,000 salespeople in Latin America in 2018. That is where the uncertainty and the costs are, and therefore, that is were the money is going.

People often forget that the world is full of unbelievably good technologies that are stored in shelves because nobody knows about them. We don’t plan to make that mistake. We know the lesson well. It’s sales and acquiring customers – and we are laser focused at that. Let me say that again “We are laser focused at acquiring customers”.

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