At UTEMIS we are going to have cheaters, that is part of life. So, let’s explain what happens with companies or people that once they get a bad reputation they just sign up with another name.

At UTEMIS we have sophisticated techniques for avoiding cheating. For obvious reasons, not all of them can be explained here, but here are a few for cheaters to consider.

  • You cannot sign up at UTEMIS and start operating, you need to be identified with valid documents.
  • We have a blacklist of both people and companies. Once a person or a company hits the blacklist it will be forever banned at UTEMIS.
  • The blacklist of people and companies is on the blockchain and available for UTEMIS customers. The saying used to be “once a cheater always a cheater” but with UTEMIS is “once a cheater always a public cheater”
  • The moment we identify that you’ve cheated we will freeze your account, return the money to customers and inform that your account and your funds are frozen.
  • Expect a call from our legal team. Your behavior might not only be illegal but it also might cause moral hazard for UTEMIS and for its customers.

UTEMIS’s pre-ICO will be between January 8, 2018 until March 8, 2018, more detailed information on this project can be found at UTEMIS- UTS, along with access to their introductory video, and Whitepaper.

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