We have just concluded our ICO, with a roughly 2,400% Return on Invested Capital!

In our White Paper we present (page 11) the expected increase in value of the UTEMIS Token; as you can see, the orders of magnitude are in the thousands percent.

We thought that we should all get used to things that escalate in value by thousands percent… so we just invested 120 US Dollars and worked hard, really hard, to make our way through the pre-ICO.

We have collected roughly 300 ETH in total for the pre-ICOs, so all we can say is thank you! – we did it all spending only 120 US Dollars!

We believe in the project and we get hundreds of messages every week of support, especially from people that want to do some good in the world or that live in Latin America and experience every day the problems that we are going to solve.

We are here to stay, the team is here to stay, and the promise on the expected increase in value of the UTEMIS Token is here to stay.

The UTEMIS ICO has just started, please expect a few relevant announcements during this month.

Our private sales investments will be disclosed at the end of the ICO.

Thank you all for your trust, we won’t let you down!

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