In a previous article we explained how understanding the real business model (the plausibility of where sales comes from) and being in control of the situation, not letting factors outside of your control drive the company’s success, are the critical factors to assess when deciding to invest.

Page 35 of the UTEMIS Whitepaper explains that 90% of the proceeds generated at the UTEMIS TGE will go to hire a massive salesforce – as you can see that depends exclusively on us. The UTEMIS Team will capitalize on its powerful relational capital in the region and a massive salesforce to generate one thing and one thing only: Massive Sales.

When a company becomes a customer at UTEMIS they have to buy Tokens to operate. If for example one single company buys $10,000 to start, assuming that the UTS initial price is $0.01, we will use these sales to purchase 1,000,000 UTS tokens from exchanges and burn them.

And that is one single company. UTEMIS has a strong professional team and a massive salesforce, starting on day one. Think about the effect with one hundred, or one thousand or one million customers.

Most importantly, using customer’s sales to repurchase our UTS tokens and burn them depends, again, exclusively on us. It doesn’t depend on any external entity, it doesn’t depend on the market or on anyone for that matter – just on us. No excuses, it depends solely and exclusively on us.

That is why we think that we are more predictable for investors than other investing alternatives and the market, because our token repurchase program depends exclusively on us.

This is the chart that depicts our plan of repurchasing the UTS Token. It is our compromise to make this happen:

UTEMIS Repurchase Program

UTEMIS Repurchase Program

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