In a previous post we have mentioned that investors should only invest in projects that have a certain degree of predictability.

We have said before that we think that at this moment we are the most predictable ICO out there.

We are delighted to announce that UTEMIS has partnered with Banlinea, a major service provider of business services for Mexican and Colombian companies, to create the first B2B social network that enables business reputation among Latin American companies.

Banlinea had partnered with Experian to serve this initial customer base of 13,000 companies. UTEMIS will reinforce this partnership by adding the reputation dimension to these companies’ credit scores and providing the UTS Token as a means of cross border payments.

Through this partnership UTEMIS will have these 13,000 companies as customers so they can buy and sell to each other as customers and suppliers using the UTEMIS database. Before doing so, they will be able to see each other’s score on the UTEMIS Reputational Blockchain, the place where companies can see each other’s reputation history. Using the UTS Token these companies will also be able to pay each other instantly and at a much more affordable prices than today.

UTEMIS will initiate operations next December 2018. This partnership – the first of several that are being negotiated at the moment – provides UTEMIS with a strong initial base of customers to initiate operations.

In addition, UTEMIS is introduced in the region by well-known companies that have the highest reputation and that adhere to the highest quality standards.

We have mentioned in a previous article that the UTEMIS sales will be used to repurchase the UTS Tokens and burn them. We mentioned as an example how one single company in a one single purchase of $10,000 would generate a repurchase from exchanges of 1,000,000 UTS tokens that would be subsequently burned.

With this partnership, UTEMIS first 13,000 customers will be able to use the platform immediately. Unlike the example, these are real companies that are buying and selling continuously every month.

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