We would like to introduce to you all our Referral Plan and provide some additional details.

To participate in our Referral program, you need to do the following:

1. Create an account on Utemis.com

2. Copy your Referral Link

3. Share it with your Friends

For every purchase accrued through your referral link you will receive 15% Bonus.

Also, on top of the referral program, we are giving an additional bonus on this referral program. The top 50 referees that bring the most in referrals (measured per the amount of UTEMIS Purchased) will receive their Bonus paid in UTEMIS and in Ethereum*

This is the breakdown table for the top 50 referees:

Position Amount in Ethereum Amount in UTEMIS
1st 50.00 ETH 75,000,000.00 UTS
2nd 40.00 ETH 60,000,000.00 UTS
3rd 26.67 ETH 40,000,000.00 UTS
4th 20.00 ETH 30,000,000.00 UTS
5th-10th 10.00 ETH 15,000,000.00 UTS
11th-25th 4.67 ETH 7,000,000.00 UTS
26th-50th 2.67 ETH 4,000,000.00 UTS

So this is how this table works. For example, if one person shares his/her UTEMIS referral and many investors create account and purchase through it and because of that it ends in position number three for example, he will receive 26.67 ETH* and 40,000,000 UTS.

For any questions regarding our UTEMIS Referral Plan please join our Telegram : https://goo.gl/RxipBn

*Bonus on Ethereum will only be paid if the UTEMIS ICO reaches a minimum of 10,000 ETH. IF that amount is not reached the entire bonus will be paid in UTS Tokens. For example, if one person ends up in the 1st position of the table this person will receive 150,000,000 worth of UTS tokens.

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