When I originally looked at Utemis ICO it was a case of working out exactly where Utemis planned to take the venture. As I have spent 8 years in the Philippines and have experienced the issues that often occur around corruption and trying to trade. Although not Latin America it suffers with the same issues. Decentralising control away from the corrupt Utemis would be a solution to allow businesses to prosper and reduce the risk of scams and issues that can occur when dealing with businesses. Basically it would protect both buyer and seller through a escrow and reputation system. The next question would be can it work? The answer to that is its a very similar business model to Alibaba.com and other Chinese business platforms.

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Having a business model that has already been proven multiple times is key to this being a success. But also the ability to raise finance and investment through Crypto investment to reduce start up costs and allow focus on the business. As the people involved in the project are all business professionals and have a lot of experience in raising capital. Yet they are moving more towards ICO than utilising venture capitalists. The problem with venture capitalists is you often run the risk of losing the business even if successful and at least 50% of the business is owned by those investors. With an ICO the control remains firmly in the hands of the founders. With a good solid value growth of tokens for investors that will without a doubt go up in value.

With the network and influence of the founding members and I highly recommend taking a good look this venture is going to be a successful ICO and one of those ones I would say invest now or regret it later. Because utilising a system that can protect both buyer and seller and utilising the token and escrow service you can remove corruption and theft and replace it with trust, expansion and opportunity. Its why Alibaba was so successful in China and globally, Utemis is about to do exactly the same in Latin America and I can see it rivalling Alibaba within 3 years on the global marketplace.

What sort of projected value and growth should you expect is probably the next question, I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of 2018 Utemis was trading over $200m annually and growing from there. An important part of this is down to the fact once some businesses are successful others want to be part of it and eventually it grows itself organically. In the same way that Alibaba put a lot of work in on the ground to get businesses to work with them and once they seen the benefits not only did they want to use it more. Their competitors then join to avoid being left behind, at the same time those who scam, steal or any other dubious methods will fall by the way side because of the reputation system. They will either have to become honest business people or find a new business.

The token values are cheap and although the aim is to get around $50m investment its mainly around getting that initial boots on the ground to bring in the customers to get the business circulating. From the get go it’s about getting marketed and people moving onto the platform to buy and sell goods. Which is another important point this is an ICO that is going to be up and running within notime which means the value of the tokens will increase in a very short period of time. Your not talking about an ICO that doesn’t have a solid team. Its a group of professional business people that are used to managing large businesses. Its also a proven business model and with people that know how to impliment it and have access to the right people and resources.

Then there is the possibility of a complete buy out before the ICO even gets through the ICO period as companies are aware that once it gets through the ICO period and starts delivering its value will be like Alibaba.com to the point it will become too big and too expensive to buy if given enough time to grow. With an early buy out as a token holder you will become part of that deal and share in the profit of the sale if happens.

Ultimately though I recommend taking a look at the website, read the whitepaper and make your own mind up but its certainly one I recommend for 2017 – 2018.

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