How can I see the UTS Tokens I purchased?

One of the most common questions that we get from ICO Participants is how to see the UTS Tokens purchased. Our ICO contract is automatic, so you will receive your Tokens seconds after you have made the purchase. The easiest way of seeing your UTS Token balance is by...

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UTEMIS Referral Bonus Plan

We would like to introduce to you all our Referral Plan and provide some additional details. To participate in our Referral program, you need to do the following: 1. Create an account on 2. Copy your Referral Link 3. Share it with your Friends For every...

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ICO Round 2: What happened and the solution

When we launched the UTEMIS Token ICO on January 8th we saw how it was building momentum. We then hosted the first ever Firesale on an ICO; and then, halfway through the pre-ICO period. We had to pause and restart the ICO on February 15th. So, what happened?...

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Why Customers Will Not Leave UTEMIS?

Because UTEMIS is like insurance without having to pay for the insurance In companies, like in life, sometimes, forgive me for the expression, but ‘shit happens’. In Latin America when a business has a problem and the decision implies affecting other businesses’ this...

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How UTEMIS Acquires Customers

UTEMIS has three ways of acquiring customers: First, the team’s connections and influence: Each one of the team members has deep connections in the countries in South America that they represent. This is where our initial chunk of customers is coming from. A list of...

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What happens when a person or business cheats at UTEMIS

At UTEMIS we are going to have cheaters, that is part of life. So, let’s explain what happens with companies or people that once they get a bad reputation they just sign up with another name. At UTEMIS we have sophisticated techniques for avoiding cheating. For...

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Why We Delayed UTEMIS ICO

We think that Participants deserve an explanation of why we delayed the UTEMIS ICO from December to January. The reason is that, because of our professional careers, people in the management team at UTEMIS has advised in the past with big e-commerce giants. On an...

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Why not a Global UTEMIS, why only in Latin America?

We are people from the business world. We understand business models and how they work. We are committed to make the UTEMIS Business Model work after the ICO and to deliver on the expectations set by our ICO Participants. When we designed UTEMIS we didn’t find a fancy...

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Does the UTEMIS Platform have network effects?

This is how I explain what is a network effect, imagine that you have a telephone that has a price of $1 but you are the only person in the world with a telephone. Then that only telephone has a very limited value, regardless of the price. Now imagine that there are...

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