Yes. UTEMIS gives you a clean slate.

No matter what you did in the past or whose fault was it – we won’t look at that. At UTEMIS we give all business the opportunity to start anew and make things right. We don’t look at your past.

But beware, if you misbehave at UTEMIS we have sanctions for that. Also, remember that whatever you do will be forever recorded in the UTEMIS Reputational Blockchain that is for every UTEMIS customer to see. And this applies to you and to all UTEMIS customers, even the ones that have good reputation in their past.

So, the answer is yes. Here is your chance to make things right and build a great future for yourself and for your family.

UTEMIS’s pre-ICO will be between January 8, 2018 until March 8, 2018, more detailed information on this project can be found at UTEMIS- UTS, along with access to their introductory video, and Whitepaper.

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