Ethereum price continues to be on a roll, and as we mentioned previously, we have our financials very clear and a concrete number for our financing needs.

Plus, we feel a responsibility for our Participants and accountability for the funds received.

Our ultimate objective with the ICO is to have enough cash to reach breakeven and become self- sustainable without raising any additional funds.

The increase in price of Ethereum is actually helping us substantially achieve these objectives, but it also leaves us with an excess of cash that we don’t need. That is why we are adjusting again UTEMIS Hard and Soft Cap.

  • New Soft Cap: 10,000 ETH
  • New Hard Cap: 58,000 ETH

The Ethereum price increase might actually accelerate the pace of the ICO.

We can potentially sell out much faster than before.

We would encourage Participants to take action as soon as possible, especially considering the upcoming Firesale that is how we are starting the ICO.

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