The First B2B ecommerce Token that Creates a Single Economic Space for Companies in Latin America To Regain New Net Growth

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What is UTEMIS

The first e-commerce that decentralizes businesses reputation on the Blockchain and unificates Latin America into a single economic space. Something happens, you get 100% of your money back.
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How Decentralization Empowers Businesses in Latin America


With UTEMIS all Latin American businesses have the same opportunities to grow that the Chinese had. The invention of automated crypto trading apps like bitcoin up is contributing more to the rise in economy. This is the power of decentralizing economies.


By decentralizing businesses’ reputation on the Ethereum Blockchain, smart contracts automatically compute your behavior on every transaction, accelerating trade for millions of small and mid-sized companies in Latin America.


The Chinese e-commerce giants use an escrow account that protects the buyer. UTEMIS escrow account works in exactly the same way, your money is always protected and if something happens you get 100% of your money back.


Banking transactions in Latin America are extremely expensive, take several days, and are very bureaucratic, with UTEMIS businesses pay instantly, save up to 99% on transaction fees, no banks involved and you are making your money work for you.

UTS Token Generation Event Information

Soft Cap


Hard Cap


Total supply

1 Billion UTS

Min. Contribution

0.25 ETH

Token Price (ETH)

40,000 UTS

Token Price ($)

1 UTS = $0.01


The UTEMIS cryptocurrency is transforming the entire Latin American continent into a single economic space.


Conduct business in the entire Latin American continent as if it were one country, find new clients and suppliers and evaluate them by their reputation.


Save 99% of the current costs of conducting transactions and payments, no bureaucracy or waste of time and instant payment.


Same as Chinese e-commerce giants, your purchases are 100% protected with UTEMIS escrow account, if something happens you get 100% of your money back.


Trust and reputation are the fuel that drives business growth. By decentralizing their reputation on the Ethereum Blockchain, businesses that are honest will thrive, and those that are not will find themselves driven out from the system. And for the first time ever 100% of this outcome depends on them.



UTEMIS uses the latest technology to give everyone a fresh start. A new opportunity to do things right. At UTEMIS everyone has a clean slate – you write your future on the Blockchain. No matter what you did in the past, or where you come from. You can do business now without corruption, save costs, eliminate fraud and avoid bureaucracy and red tape when buying & selling goods in Latin America (also in the U.S. and Canada). You will only pay if you are 100% satisfied with the goods. And your money will always be protected.


Blockchain is a foundational technology upon which any system can operate, is a database technology that creates an auditable distributed ledger of transactions recorded digitally among a broad network of users. When used with a cryptocurrency, the Blockchain record can only be updated by consensus of the majority of the participants in a network, and once entered, entries cannot be erased. That means that it can be trusted, you are the only one writing your reputation on the UTEMIS Blockchain.

03 / EASY

A platform to do business that it is easy to use and that is secure. Where you can easily verify potential customers and suppliers’ reputation and where everything is public and on a trustable Blockchain. There are no hidden costs or surprises. No bank fees, no currency exchanges, no delays in payments, nothing. Payments are made instantaneously – and you can withdraw your payment immediately.




Latin America first reputational blockchain with a proven business model that has delivered billions of dollars for the Chinese e-commerce giants. UTEMIS applies the latest technologies to fuel a business model that will become the agent for change for an entire continent.


What if Latin American companies can have a new fresh start regardless of their past? A new opportunity to thrive and prosper like never before. We believe that if small and mid-sized businesses in Latin America have, for the first time ever, the chance to co-create their future, they will create the most economically vibrant, resilient, efficient and fair economic zone in the world.


Blockchain was developed so people that do not know each other can do business together. With no intermediaries and at a minimum cost. Blockchain was originally designed to record economic transactions but it can also be expanded to other forms of transactions. UTEMIS has two Ethereum based blockchains, one for economic transactions and one for reputational transactions. We expand the applicability of the Blockchain.

“By decentralizing businesses reputations for everyone to see and exposing them to new business opportunities we can finally give millions of people the opportunity they deserve.”


UTEMIS team has an extensive professional experience in the banking industry. This is a team that knows the business, knows the territory, knows what needs to be done and has done it before. The Advisory Board is particularly strong in banking and in particular in payment platforms. The Country Managers are successful entrepreneurs that know how to make things happen.

Advisory Board

Higinio Guillamon Duch

Advisory BoardLinkedin

  • MIT Sloan School of Management, mechanical engineer, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
  • Very senior management positions and directorships, and advised major banks, insurers, technology companies and infrastructure corporations, among others: Banco Pastor (now Banco Santander), Alliance Capital Management, Santander, Aviva, CCS, QRM.
  • Built what was at the time the most advanced on-line banking, security custody, trade processing and card based payment system. Played a significant role in the design and development of some of the earliest real-time wholesale (interbank payment and clearing) and retail (domestic and cross border, card based) payment systems.
  • An investor and entrepreneur of long date, and an early Internet adopter, has participated and has ongoing interests in a number Internet ventures. Among them, some in international payment processing, ecommerce, intelligent travel reservation companies.
Nicolas De Narvaez

Advisory BoardLinkedin

  • BA & MBA, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.
  • TA of Mathematical Finance, Banking, Financial Modeling and Investments.
  • Associate Latin America Investment Banking. Goldman & Sachs.
  • Expert in Investment Banking for Latin America.
  • Investment professional at Linzor Capital Partners is a midsized private equity fund focused on Latin America with $465 mm of direct equity commitments.
  • Conducted business and industry analysis on dozens of investment opportunities in Latin America. Developed valuation models, led advisory teams for business diligence, and evaluated optimal financing mechanisms for buyouts and directorships.
  • Advisor to major banks, insurers, technology companies and governments.
Jaime Pascual

Advisory BoardLinkedin

  • Financial Management, Barcelona school of Management, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • Registered European Investment Practitioner, European Financial Planning Association (EFPA)
  • 35 years of professional experience in banking
    • Financial Planner at Hotelera Rio, S.A.
    • Finance Department, Seintex Servicio Informática S.A.
    • BBVA Group (a major global bank):
      • Auditing
      • Credit Scoring
      • Head of Bank Branches for Business to Business (medium - sized and small companies)


Dr. Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere

UTEMIS Founding TeamLinkedin

  • MR Harvard University, MBA IE Business School and PhD, Complutense University.
  • An authority in Disruptive Innovation.
  • Frequent contributor at the Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review and Thompson Reuters.
  • Member of the Thinkers50 Radar (ranking of the top 30 “next generation of business gurus on Innovation”).
  • Shortlisted for the top Innovation thinker in 2015 Thinkers 50 award (eight candidates from the entire discipline of Innovation).
  • Mentor at TechStars (world’s largest startup accelerator), previous investments, Uber, AirBnb, etc. (Berlin Program).
  • Expert of Innovation & Technology at the European Commission.
  • Former External Expert at the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT).
  • Member of Netexplo (UNESCO Observatory of Digital Technology).
  • Founder of two successful companies.
  • Member of the Advisory Board at RVE.SOL and
  • Professor at two Business Schools.
  • Best teacher award in 2007, 2012 and 2014 (Executive Education).
Daniel Ortiz Uribe

UTEMIS Founding TeamLinkedin

  • OMP IE Business School, Industrial Designer Universidad de los Andes.
  • Serial Entrepreneur.
  • Founder of three successful companies:
  • Mentor at Connect Bogota region.
  • Raised 2 VC series of over US$1 Million.
  • Master on Scale ups.
  • Member of the advisory board of
Walfredo Dantas

Country Manager - Brasil

  • BA in Public Health, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte.
  • Postgraduate education on managing people and institutional relationships.
  • 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, previous successful ventures:
    • Group Xique-Xique, in the hospitality industry (chain of restaurants)
    • Milenar Assessoria Eirele (group of financial adivsors)
    • Llum Gestão (energy industry)
  • Marafolia Promocões e Eventos Ltda, that has had events of up to 3,500 people.
Luis Tinajero Michel

Country Manager - MexicoLinkedin

  • BBA Tecnológico de Monterrey México & MBA Universidad de Belgrano, Argentina.
  • Previous experience includes:
    • President of the Innovation Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico
      • At Actinver Banco:

      • Chief Operations Officer (COO).
      • Director of New Products.
      • Director of Quality Management.
      • Director of Online Channels and Financial Products.
Pablo Uribe Villa

Country Manager - ColombiaLinkedin

  • MBA at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.
  • Experiences includes global consulting firm A.T. Kearney, worked for the Mexico City and Bogota offices. Participated in and led engagements in the energy, aerospace and microfinance industries and public sector. Participated in three engagements supporting the development of joint ventures and consolidating new business models.
  • Senior Project Manager at “Compartamos con Colombia” (2008 – 2013): Nonprofit that provides consulting services to the social, private and public sectors in Colombia. Focus included Non-profit organizational strengthening, CSR and economic development. At CCC Supported the organizational design and consolidation of Impact Investment Fund, INVERSOR - First impact investment fund in Colombia.
  • Mentor of entrepreneurs in Colombia, Mexico and the United States.
Tony Codina

Core Technology TeamLinkedin

  • BA in engineering.
  • 15 years of experience as a coder developer.
  • Has implemented the technology infrastructure in more than 100 companies.
  • Specialist in SEO.
  • Has managed a team of over 20 people.
Joan Bales

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)Linkedin

  • Technical Advisor at Football Club Barcelona (IoT, AI, Blockchain, Neural Networks, Cognitive Systems, Security, Virtualization and Contextual Learning).
  • More than 20 years of experience as an IT expert and manager of large implementation teams, focused on Banking, Telecom Operators and Mainstream Media (Sports).
  • Founder of two technology companies (one of them went public) and has acted as a senior technology advisor for large corporations.
  • Focused on implementing Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in Retail Banking and Sports.
  • CTO of Agile Contents.
  • Founder Ad Tech company. A platform to convert websites into mobile experiences.
  • Systems Architect and Systems Cloud Architect.
  • Certified in entrepreneurship: Launching an Innovative Business Specialization and Startup Engineering.
  • BA in Computer Science in Polytechnic University of Barcelona.
Francisco Denia

Core Technology TeamLinkedin

  • BA in computer science with a specialization in SMX.
  • Specialist in multiplatform development environments.
  • Specialist in PHP, JS, HTML5.
  • Developed for iOS and Android.
  • Developer of multiplatform apps in Python.
Oliver Sánchez


  • Specialized in design and development in Java and Angular JS using a variety of frameworks and environments.
  • Technologies: J2EE, Web Services, Micro Services, Spring, Spring Boot, Angular JS.
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL.
  • Outils: Eclipse, GIT, Tomcat, SoapUI, Postman, SourceTree, Sublime, Putty, WinSCP, Jenkins, Protractor, Docker.
  • BA in computer science.

Companies that have already signed
to integrate UTEMIS in their businesses


White paper


Why a New Token



June 2017

The idea of a UTEMIS ecosystem was born. We researched what licenses, programmers, legal requirements, and financial and IT engineers would have to be acquired to create the UTEMIS Ecosystem. A 10-year business plan was created for the ecosystem.

November – December 2018

  • Launch the of UTEMIS Platform Alpha version with selected group of customers
  • Sign first customers in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico
  • Present first customers in the UTEMIS web site
  • List of customers that have signed for the alpha release of the UTEMIS Platform
  • Interview headhunting agencies in Colombia for selection of sales personnel
  • The UTEMIS Token starts trading in one Exchange

January 2019

  • Interview headhunting agencies in Mexico for selection of sales personnel
  • Interview headhunting agencies in Brazil for selection of sales personnel
  • Preparation of the alpha version of the UTEMIS Platform
  • Private conference with customers in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia
  • Co-creation process with customers to find the main functionalities of the initial e-commerce platform

February – March 2019

  • Debugging the UTEMIS Platform Alpha version
  • Identifying missing functionalities in the UTEMIS Platform Alpha version
  • Selection of the two headhunting agencies for Colombia
  • Selection of the two headhunting agencies for Brazil
  • Selection of the two headhunting agencies for Mexico

April 2019

  • Interview the first 100 sales personnel for Colombia
  • Interview the first 100 sales personnel for Mexico
  • Interview the first 100 sales personnel for Brazil
  • Reach saturation with all the functionalities in the Alpha version
  • Design the UTEMIS Platform Beta version
  • Test the escrow account and its capacity limits
  • Create the advertising platform
  • Design the main functionalities of the UTEMIS Store for Companies

May 2019

  • Hire the first 100 sales personnel for Colombia
  • Hire the first 100 sales personnel for Mexico
  • Hire the first 100 sales personnel for Brazil
  • Interview 100 sales personnel more for Colombia
  • Interview 100 sales personnel more for Mexico
  • Interview 100 sales personnel more for Brazil
  • Launch the Beta Version
  • Reach the customer number 100

June 2019

  • Debug the Beta version and check for reliability
  • Preparation of the main UTEMIS Platform
  • Hire 300 sales personnel more for Brazil, Colombia and Mexico
  • Create the Treasury department for arbitrage of the UTEMIS Token
  • Negotiate with one port in Colombia to accept UTEMIS
  • Negotiate with one port in Brazil to accept UTEMIS
  • Negotiate with one port in Mexico to accept UTEMIS

July 2019

  • Prepare UTEMIS for high speed scaling
  • Finish debugging the Beta version of the UTEMIS Platform
  • Hire 300 sales personnel more for Brazil, Colombia and Mexico
  • Reach the customer number 10,000

August 2019

  • Legal compliance
  • Marketing boost UTEMIS
  • Hire VP sales B2B LATAM
  • Customer service call center
  • Hire 100 telemarketers

September 2019 – (onwards) HIGH GROWTH SCALE UP

  • Start operations in Chile, Argentina and the rest of countries in Latin America

2020 Start UTEMIS in the United States of America

  • Start operations in the USA with all the companies that conduct business with Latin American companies


Our First Exchange: Bancor

We are pleased to announce today that UTEMIS and Bancor have signed an integration partnership through which the UTEMIS Token will trade in Bancor next May 1st, 2018. As indicated in the press release, offering liquidity to the UTEMIS Token holders is a priority for...

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