At UTEMIS we take very seriously the trust deposited on us by ICO Participants. We plan to honor that trust in ways that are described in the White Paper and in some other, that will be communicated in due course.

When we run the numbers of the UTEMIS Project and how long would it take to reach breakeven and become self- sustainable we did so with the underlying assumption that the Ethereum Price would remain relatively stable over time.

Our financial needs remain the same, but the Ethereum Price has increased substantially, thereby our Hard and Soft caps should be adjusted accordingly. Not doing so would be not being sensitive to the economic value for our Participants.

We have adjusted the Hard Cap from 132,500 ETH to 75,700 ETH and the Soft Cap from 22,500 ETH to 12,900 ETH. Both new caps imply an almost 60% reduction in ETH.

In a way, these changes might make the UTEMIS ICO sell out faster. But we do hope that every Participant that wants to participate has enough time to do so.

We are receiving emails from Participants that are being whitelisted for the ICO, if you don’t want to miss out please let us know.

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